Positive life changes are possible with the caring support of a skilled counselor. As a therapist with diverse experience working with adults, couples, teens and children, Nickole will provide compassionate yet structured guidance as you work towards restoration and growth. You will work together to resolve issues such as parenting, marriage challenges, trauma, depression, anxiety, self-injury, anger and social skills, grief, chronic illness, and major life transitions. Nickole utilizes skills from Emotion-Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. All of these will help her to meet you where you are.


You or your child will develop coping skills, cultivate insight, change behaviors, and restore relationships. Nickole will provide the direction and accountability you need to be successful in meeting your goals.

Nickole facilitates coping skills groups for adults dealing with emotion regulation, and summer workshops for kids to assist in social skills, anger management and emotional issues. She is a co-leader of the Intensive Outpatient Program offered at Serenity Center. 

Nickole also provides an unique service to the community in that she is bi-lingual and bi-cultural. She lived and worked in Guatemala several years, and has worked in a variety of mental health settings with the Spanish speaking population. She loves to help families deal with the cultural challenges of raising children in the United States when it is not their home culture or with a multi-cultural marriage. 

Nickole is in process of getting licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in TN.  Her supervisor is Dr. Gaye Stone; LMFT41. Nickole has four years of experience working in therapeutic settings.