"Nickole worked with my three teen daughters, ages 12, 14 and 16. What we all appreciated immediately about Nickole was her down-to-earth and warm nature. We felt comfortable from the very start. She is knowledgeable and insightful - offering real techniques and tips you can use in handling the day-to-day challenges. She is also excellent at asking the kinds of questions that help you find your own answers, while offering a perspective that helps you see things in a new way. Nickole was such a positive influence in my family's life and we are so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with her."  - Natalie                                                


"I came to Nickole after a time in my life where my whole world fell apart before me. I was met with patience, empowerment, and love. I truly feel like Nickole not only knows me but cares for my well-being. I trust her fully to listen to me and give thoughtful guidance. My life has been changed for the better by knowing Nickole!"  -  Carly

"In the 19 years of our marriage it never came across my thoughts that we may need marriage counseling one day, but that moment came. I felt my world crumble before me and I even began to think our situation had no hope. Our problems had been escalating little by little until there seemed to be no love between us. The problem was so intense it had torn us three (husband, son and me) apart. We were strangers living in the same house.

I surfed the internet for someone professional, experienced, but most of all, someone we both would feel comfortable telling our problems to. I came across Nickole Moore's picture and portrayal of the various techniques she uses to help heal and mend the relationship. I decided to give her a try. This was best internet choice I have ever made.

From day one till the last day, Nickole approached us, guided us, instructed us, made suggestions, etc. used every technique she thought appropriate for us and it worked. Both I and my wonderful husband felt so comfortable with her that each week we were eager to see her.

We learned so much from Nickole's techniques, till this day we still use them and we are blooming with happiness, love and respect.

Nickole, my husband, son and I thank you so much for restoring the love and respect that we once had. We thank you for bringing us together as a family should be. We could have not done this without your knowledge, your skilled techniques, your compassion for both sides and your professional way of handling unique situations.

Nickole, you are a life saver - God Bless You!!!!"     - E.D.

"I am the mother of a 10-year-old boy, who has had difficulties with anger and not having a relationship with his dad. Nickole has really helped my son with thinking problems through and teaching him skills so he will not react so quickly. He is still struggling with his dad but he seems to be better about it and is more open and says what he is feeling without keeping it inside.I'm very happy about how well he is doing after working with Nickole." - A.L.



"Nickole is able to gently direct my child and I to identify the core issues and address them. She has a warmth, patience and sensitivity that a resistant troubled 10 year old in the wake of multiple crises has been able to respond to. I also appreciate her willingness and capability to involve me as a parent and work to help us improve my relationship with my child.  - Anonymous  

My husband and I are fostering to adopt a sibling set of 3. We went from 3 biological children to 6 kids overnight. We had less than a month to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for the addition and of course had no idea what we we were really in for. Nickole helped us, is helping us, with this huge transition, in all 8 of our lives. She is incredible at working with each of our children at their level and in the different and unique ways they each respond in . She has an amazing ability make them want to focus and share through play therapy and other techniques. She has helped them realize what their feelings and actions really mean and how to appropriately respond to them and use them. We and our children have learned so much and are so grateful for the help and love she has shared with us at a huge transitional change in our lives. Nickole is so easy to talk to and share with, she offers such a warm and inviting environment-such so that we drive 30+ minutes just to see her!" - Sandy


"Nickole is very patient and understanding, I enjoy working with her every week." - 23 yr old woman